April 26, 2010
Rape Crisis Society get assistance from Partners in Energy (PIE)

The Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago was presented with a cheque for over TT$75,000.00, representing all profits from the annual Partners in Energy (PIE) Calypso Competition Mama Yo! Dat Is Energy!

Established in 1984 in response to a high incidence of social ills in the country, the Society’s primary focus is to provide hotline counseling services as well as face to face sessions with survivors of rape, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and incest. It also offers counsel to people who have marital, relational and personal problems.

Over the years, the Society has proactively addressed the concerns of persons by extending its services to communities, schools, tertiary institutions and other organisations through its outreach educational programmes. The objective of these programmes is to educate and sensitize persons about the social ills that affect children, women and men. The Rape Crisis Society has also facilitated several initiatives such as the Young Males Awareness Project; Improving Students Coping Skills - through a youth awareness project, and a Peer Education course for young males, that focuses on training teenagers as peer educators.

Lydia Walcott, Acting Coordinator at the Rape Crisis Society, says the Society is “happy to have received the funding as it will help with operational expenses and go a long way in helping the Society achieve its goals; small change makes big changes” she concluded.

The Mama Yo! Dat Is Energy! Calypso Competition attracted participants from eight energy sector partner companies in which over $30,000 in prizes was won. The Partners in Energy (PIE) who collaborated on this event were Atlantic LNG, BG Trinidad and Tobago, BHP Billiton, bpTT, EOG Resources Trinidad Limited, GDF Suez, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited and Repsol.