April 26, 2010
NGC announce $4M contribution to YMCA pool

Tobago’s YMCA Facility at Courland got a major boost on Monday April 26 with the contribution of $4 million from The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited.

The money will go towards the construction of a 25-metre swimming pool which is expected to be ready for public use by July.

In announcing his company’s contribution, NGC’S President, S. Andrew Mc Intosh said his company was “proud to stand with the people of Tobago in the realization of yet another development milestone with the contribution of $4 million towards the construction of the 25-metre swimming pool at the YMCA Facility at Courland Tobago.”

He added: “We have great hopes for this state-of-the art, multi-purpose complex and applaud the Tobago YMCA and the Tobago House of Assembly. In particular, we honour their vision and commitment in developing a facility that integrates the needs for recreation, health, training, events and education- from early childhood care to after-school supervision and outreach to youths considered to be at-risk.”

Mr. Mc Intosh described the Courland project as “ambitious, daring and visionary”, adding that it was NGC’s great privilege to be identified with it “on a permanent basis through the combined contributions from the NEO/Tobago Pipeline Project and NGC Corporate which provided support in the sums of $1.5 million and $2.5 million respectively.”

Said Mr. McIntosh: “I give you the commitment today that NGC is here to support you in realizing your dream to provide the people of Tobago, especially its youth, with the means to nurture and develop their talents, and to discipline and shape their energies in the interest of the island’s development as a whole.”

He noted that NGC and Tobago have a long partnership ahead with the proposed Tobago Pipeline Project and the associated Cove Industrial Park Onshore Natural Gas Receiving Facility. NGC is also continuing to support other training and development programmes in Tobago to the value of an additional $3 million.

These include the construction of three jetty slipways, four customised training programmes and sponsorship of various community activates. A significant portion of the allocation is going towards the training of Tobagonians in Plant Process Operations; Hyperbaric Chamber Techniques; Boat Engine Repairs for fishing communities and Building Construction Technology.

“As we move ahead, we give you the assurance that NGC will remain a responsible social partner, willing to engage with all stakeholder interests in the common goal of Tobago’s development.”