Pipeline leak in Guayaguayare Bay Media Release No 3

We wish to advise that media reports which have suggested residents in Guayaguayare have been adversely affected by gas emmissions from the leak on our 24-inch pipeline are totally inaccurate.

We inform the public that regular air quality tests carried out in Guayaguayare have recorded zero levels of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. We will continue to monitor air quality in the interest of the community. Our staff in the area are keeping local residents informed using various means including walkabouts, loudspeaker announcements, meetings and distribution of flyers.

We have also advised all marine craft to exercise caution and to maintain a 500-metre distance from the area in which the repair works are being conducted.

NGC remains committed to conducting all of its operations in the safest possible manner and with the highest regard for people and preservation of the environment. We will continue to keep the local and national communities informed of further developments as they come to hand.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011
6.40 P.M.