NEO/Tobago registers 250,000 man-hours no LTAs in pursuit of 1,000,000 man-hours no LTAs

A safety milestone has been achieved by the NEO/Tobago Pipelines Project Team. The Team recently recorded 250,000 man-hours worked without a loss time accident (LTAs). This milestone is the quarter-mark of the Team’s aim of one million man-hours without a LTA. 

The North East Offshore(NEO) Pipeline is a proposed pipeline which will run from BHP Billiton’s Angostura field off the East coast of Trinidad to Beachfield. The Tobago Pipeline will also start from the Angostura field but will travel northwards to Cove Industrial Estate in South East Tobago.  It will come ashore at a gas receiving and metering facility at Cove Estate. 

NEO Pipeline contributed 100,000 man hours and Tobago Pipeline contributed 150,000 man- hours. These figures were compiled from the number of hours worked by the following groups:

~Technip’s 100 office and field personnel on the project

~The 10 NGC employees that make up  NGC’s Project Team

~Personnel from several subcontractors for activities such as land and marine surveying; environment work such as sampling and surveys; inspection  of the manufacture of pipe at the mills in Mexico and India; concrete-coating  at La Brea  and e civil works at Cove Industrial Estate.

Technip is the Design, Engineering and Project and Construction Management contractor for the projects.  The breakdown of hours is as follows:

~Technip - 150,000 man-hours

~NGC’s - 20,000 man-hours

~Subcontractors   -  80,000 man-hours

This HSE milestone was achieved by everyone ensuring that all in-house controls were in place and implemented. Procedures consistent with NGC’s guidelines are reviewed and signed off by Technip and NGC. These are enforced in the field. Technip also has a strong culture of HSE derived from their involvement not only in Design and Engineering   but also from their years of experience in large scale construction activities. 

Congrats to the NEC/Tobago Pipelines’ Project Team! We support you in the achievement of your million-hour milestone.