Successful completion of NGC's NEO Pipeline

NGC’s President, S. Andrew Mc Intosh, announced on Wednesday, May 11th the successful completion and commissioning of NGC’s 59-mile, 36-inch-diameter North-Eastern Offshore (NEO) pipeline.  Mr. Mc Intosh reported that the commissioning exercise had been successfully completed when the 36 inch control valve at the Abyssinia Accumulator Station was opened at 19:58 hrs on  May 10th  2011 to allow natural gas from BHP Billiton’s Angostura Field, located off Trinidad’s North-east Coast, to flow into NGC’s onshore natural gas transmission network. 

Mr. Mc Intosh said that the pipeline, which has a capacity of 1.2 Bcf, will initially take 220 MMscf/d from BHPBilliton and include a tie-back to EOG Resources’ Toucan Platform from which natural gas will be exported circa December 2011. The project began in 2007, taking four years to complete at a cost of US$450 million dollars. As of March 2011, Mr. Mc Intosh also said that 2.4 million man-hours of work had been expended on the project.

Of major significance for the local energy sector is that the NEO pipeline is the first line to be constructed from Block 2c off Trinidad’s north-east coast into the existing NGC pipeline network located off the south-east coast of Trinidad.  The pipeline originates from BHP Billiton’s Gas Export Platform, comes ashore at Mayaro and then continues on land to NGC’s Abysinnia Complex.  Historically, the supply of offshore gas came only from fields located off the south-east coast.  However, with the discovery and monetization of fields in the north-east acreage, it was imperative that NGC develop an extensive marine pipeline network in that area. 

S. Andrew Mc Intosh has sent his congratulations to his technical team led by Wade Hamilton, Vice President, Technical Services and Charles Thavenot, Project Manager of NEO pipeline and his NEO team who successfully overcame several challenges during the construction of the pipeline.   

May 12, 2011