Ceremony Marks The Launch Of Refurbishment Works On New Life Ministries

On Wednesday August 20th NGC, Petrotrin and PPGPL gathered at Mt. St. Benedict for a dual celebration: first to mark the start of refurbishment works of New Life Ministries (NLM) Rehabilitation Centre and second to pay tribute and honour a remarkable son of the soil – Chiang Keith Awong, former Chairman of both NGC and PPGPL and also a former CEO of Petrotrin. A chemical engineer by training, Mr. Awong held some of the key positions in the energy sector for over 40 years. His vision for the companies under his leadership was far reaching, and in recognition of his service he was awarded, in 2005, the Chaconia Medal (Gold) for national development. It is therefore not surprising that this social project which is badly needed in the society would be dedicated to Mr. Awong.

Indeed, according to PPGPL’s President, Eugene Tiah, speaking on behalf of the three sponsors, the call for assistance came from Christine Sahadeo NLM’s Project Coordinator who requested that companies in the energy sector come forward to assist in this worthwhile cause. What started as a $1.3 million project turned into a $3.6 million project after a detailed project planning exercise. The project fitted the three companies’ screening criteria based on core focus areas of sustainability and philanthropy. With Board approval each company agreed to contribute one third of the funds required.

For NGC, PPGPL and Petrotrin, the refurbishment and upgrade of the new life ministries centre was an important opportunity for the three local energy companies to maximize the benefits of the energy resources through sustainable development, meaning that while they sought to get the most dollars from oil, gas and gas products at the same time they were seeking to preserve the environment and develop the people of Trinidad and Tobago who were destroyed by drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling and eating disorders, among other social ills.

The presenters at the Ceremony were Hulsie Bhagan, Clinical Director and Administrator, who said that the Centre was second to none and had treated clients from all over the world, from all walks of life, creeds and races, and Christine Sahadeo , former Government Minister of Finance and Project Co-ordinator, who said that on hearing that the centre was in need of repairs became immediately interested in helping the cause.

Last but not least was Errol Fabien, Gayelle TV Director and a former client of NLM, who, as MC for the ceremony, brought a few personal insights into the work of the Centre. Errol testified that the centre’s programme conducted in phases had been crucial in bringing him back to life and giving him another chance. He continued to urge all persons to be aware of the danger of drugs and to do what they can in eradicating the scourge.