NGC Celebrates 33 Years - President’s Anniversary Remarks To NGC Employees  
NGC Celebrated its 33rd anniversary having been incorporated as a business entity on August 22,1975 as one of the key instruments in the development of the natural gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago.

33 is indeed a notable birthday for we are mature, yet still young, and full of the promise outlined for us by the founding fathers of our nation. After thrity-three years, w are at a point where we can use our knowledge to better ourselves and to pursue our mandate to help Trinidad and Tobago.

It was, I suppose, almost unimaginable in 1975 with an advance of $80,000 from the Government and a location at a small office adjoining lawyers' chambers at Abercromby Street, Port- of-Spain that today we should be a multibillion dollar company with investments in pipelines, upstream gas and oil production, LNG, NGL, industrial site and port and marine infastructure.

These last five years have been exceptional. However, in the future we face both opportunities and challenges since we are operating in an era of rapidly escalating capital cost which is changing the face of the global natural gas industry. However, we are resourceful and we must manage our physical and financial resources prudently to be a sustainable entity. we must be mindful always of reducing operating costs if we are to continue to manage with the competence and financial success expected of us.

As a group we are the prime mover of the gas-based industry, we have been instrumental in diversifying the economy from one that was purely oil-based to one that is unquestionably both oil and gas. We must be proud as employees, both past and present, for our contribution to our proven tack record of sustainability, growth in customer base and shareholder return.

So on behalf of the Board and Management of NGC, I wish you all a lovely day that commemorates the birthday of our beloved company. May she always prosper with the national interest at the heart of all our endeavours.