NGC Pedal Squad at 2009 bp MS 150 charity in Houston, Texas

 Captain’s Log, Bike Date April 17, 2009:  Day 4.  The day before Race Day 1. The team woke up to tremendous showers. However, team members proceeded to the Omni Hotel to collect the riding packages and pay the pledge of US$400.00/person to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  After this activity, Technip Houston and NGC Pedal Squad were given their final briefing at Technip Towers.  At that point, there was speculation as to whether the race would take place because 12 inches of rain had fallen that day and the teams were unable to train. By 9:00 p.m. it was confirmed that Day-One of the ride (April 18th) was cancelled and Day-Two (April 19th) would start from La Grange to Austin, a distance of 82 miles.  Technip handled the transportation for both Team NGC and their bikes to La Grange. 

Captain’s Log, Bike Date April 18, 2009:  Day 5.  Inclement weather kept the team on ‘lock-down’ in the Hotel. 

Captain’s Log, Bike Date April 19, 2009:  Day 6.  Team NGC woke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, raring and ready to get the show on the road.  After breakfast, which was served at 5:15 a.m. at Technip Towers, the team started its two-hour bus ride to La Grange for the start of the bike ride.   

The bike ride began with a rolling start for cyclists between 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. at the Fayette County Courthouse in the town square of La Grange.  There were rest stops every 8-15 miles to hydrate; have a snack; use the restroom facilities; make bike repairs; visit the medical tent; apply sunscreen or just have a massage if necessary.  Along the way, Team NGC experienced mechanical problems on two of its bikes, but all in all, the ride was a tremendous accomplishment for our team.  The team rode across the finish line to resounding applause.  Each of the team members was full of emotion as he crossed the finish line. All in all, it was an almost indescribable experience. 

Team NGC returned on Tuesday 21, 2009 to prepare for the NGC 100 Mile Ride. The bike ride is scheduled for July 5, 2009.

Congrats to the NGC Pedal Squad Team Jameel Ali, Anthony George, Errol James, Alan De Caires, Ruthven Hector, Arthur Edwards, Frederick Morris and Team Co-ordinator, Shelley Edwards and thanks again to sponsors NGC and Technip, Houston for your support.

Team NGC in Houston, Texas
NGC's Pedal Squad was in Houston Texas from April 18th to 19th 2009, to participate in the 2009 bp MS 150 charity ride. Since 1984, The National MS Society Lone Star Chapter has organised this two-day fundraising bike ride from Houston to Austin.  the largest non-profit event of its kind it North America, it is a 150 to 180-mile cycling tour that raises funds to fight the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. This is a look at the team's activities from the perspective of the 'Captain Log'. This records the date of departure, April 14th, to the last day of the ride, April 19th.

Captain's Log, Bike Date April 14, 2009: Day 1. The team members left Piarco International Airport on a Continental Airlines flight with no problems encountered. Landed in Houston, Texas and settled at the Cross Land West Oaks Extended Stay Hotel at 3:00 p.m. The bikes were then assembled and the team relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Captain's Log, Bike Ride April 15th, 2009: Day 2 The team had breakfast together after which the bikes were taken to the Bike Barn for mechanical safety inspection. The Pedal Squad was invited to Technip's Houston office. Technip was a partial sponsor of the Pedal Squad for the event. The team was warmly greeted by the staff of Technip Houston. NGC's team was introduced to the Technip team which comprised 107 participants. Team NGC presented Technip with the Pedal Squad team's T-shirt, Trinidad and Tobago souvenirs and DVD copies of NGC's 100 mile ride. Team NGC was then invited by the Technip office staff to a little get-together.

Captain’s Log, Bike Date April 16, 2009:  Day 3.  Team NGC engaged in their first training ride. The 26mile-ride at the nearby George Bush Park was tough, yet motivating. After the ride, the team did some shopping and bed down early for training the following day.