Press Release- Moruga Community Receives New Recreation Ground at Gran Chemin  Regional Games
The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago (SPORTT) recently officially handed over the newly-refurbished Gran Chemin Recreation Ground and Pavilion to the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation for the Moruga community.

This project was identified in 2005 by NGC during a detailed community needs assessment. NGC, recognizing its corporate social responsibility, has an on-going Socio-economic Programme that is community-centered and carried out in its fence line and pipeline communities. This programme is two-fold since it encompasses infrastructural development projects NGC also partners with other Government agencies to carry out some of its projects.
Hand Over of the Gran Chemin Recreational Grounds

The refurbishment of the Ground was done in partnership with the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago and the Princes Town Regional Corporation, in which ownership is vested. the three-million dollar project was funded by NGC and SPORTT.
The Gran Chemin Recreational Grounds

On 13th March the Recreation Ground was the venue for the annual NGC-sponsored Moruga Zonal Games, which has been sponsored by NGC since 2004. Member of Parliament for the area and Minister of Legal Affairs, the Honourable Peter Taylor, who formally opened the Sports meet, thanked NGC and the SPORTT Company for stepping out and being excellent corporate citizens.

NGC and SPORTT will hand over another community facility at Lower Barrackpore in May 2009.

April 30, 2009