World Environment Day (WED) 2009 June 5th

NGC’s environmental club, the NGC Eco-Phoenix commemorated World Environment Day 2009 by hosting an environmental exhibition that focused on furthering awareness on environmental initiatives the group has already started in-house, such as Energy Conservation and Glass Recycling.  There were booth displays from Carib Glass Works; Piranha International limited and Modern Electrical Supplies Limited.  

In keeping with the theme for WED 2009 'Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change', the group gave away over one hundred plants to employees who signed a contract to care for the plants and send the group updates on their progress.  The plants included five fingers, paw paw, avocado, pomegranate, cashew, chataigne and pomerac.

The club also facilitated presentations on climate change to the student body at Holy Faith Convent, Penal and Holy Faith Convent, Couva and pledged to help these schools revamp their environmental clubs. 

WED 2009 commemorated the 1st year of the club’s inception and aside from the birthday cake shared with employees; they also launched their Plastic Recycling Initiative. NGC Eco-Phoenix sold over 50 reusable eco-friendly shopping bags to be used as an alternative to plastic bags. Bags are still available and can be purchased at the EHSS division at a cost of TT $20.00. You are also encouraged to utilize the Plastic Recycle Bin located at the front of the Employee Centre. 

At the exhibition, the club took orders for its Limited Edition Eco-Phoenix T-shirts.  Orders can still be placed at the EHSS division. The exhibition’s theme was ‘You Can Make a Difference’ and the group is certainly making a difference as it celebrated one year in fine style. As we look forward, the club is eager to partner with the winning Secondary School of NGC’s Gas Rush Game, Holy Name Convent, POS in promoting environmental stewardship for all.