Honouring Pat Bishop

    The late Pat Bishop - Trinity Cross-holder, historian, educator, artist and musician - has been identified as the upcoming honouree for the NGC National Heroes Project 2018.

    Pat Bishop was Musical Director of the Lydian Singers, which was sponsored by NGC from 1991 to 2014, as a result of which lasting relationships were forged among NGC, Pat and the choir.

    About the NGC National Heroes Project

    The NGC National Heroes Project was envisioned as an initiative to recognise and preserve the legacies of achievers and national contributors for future generations.

    The project involves the curation of the lives of our indigenous heroes, chronicled and preserved in several forms and from which we can produce biographies, exhibitions, videos and publications. The legacies of these individuals will live on and be filtered into our schools and libraries so that future generations will have access to our heroes' stories.

    NGC's Programme of Recognition

    The elements of the programme of recognition depend on the person selected to be recognised, and his/her/their sphere of endeavour.

    Recognition may include an Exhibition, Media Campaign, Publications, School Visits, Biographical Video or Commemorative Stamp.

    Art Competition

    Students have until September 7, 2018 to submit their original artwork that pertains to the theme “She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore at Castle Killarney.”