Programme of Recognition

NGC National Heroes Project 2018 was launched in collaboration with the P.A.L.M. Foundation, to honour the lifetime achievements of the late Dr. Pat Bishop, TC.

Pat Bishop was musical director of The Lydian Singers, one of Trinidad’s popular choirs, which was sponsored by NGC from 1991 to 2014. This partnership forged lasting relationships between the Company, Pat and the choir.

Programme Launch

The 2018 programme launch held on 9th May at Stollmeyer’s Castle, featured an exhibition of Pat’s final collection of paintings titled ‘She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore’.

Guests at the launch, included NGC President, Mark Loquan; Prime Minister, Dr. the Honourable Keith Rowley; Gillian Bishop, Sister of the late Pat Bishop and Hasely Crawford, TC, NGC National Heroes Project inaugural honouree.

NGC Presidents's Remarks

NGC President, Mark Loquan, extolled the many virtues of Pat, including her remarkable artistry, and particularly her fierce patriotism and constant vocal expression for her love of country and defence of our local traditional culture.

In the same vein, Mr. Loquan expressed the company’s commitment to continue the work of NGC National Heroes Project to preserve our local talent and the stories behind our icons.

Celebrating Pat Bishop

NGC National Heroes Project 2018 will seek to promote and sustain the many contributions of Pat Bishop in the spheres of art, literature and music through public education, art and musical appreciation.

It will feature a series of initiatives, starting with the exhibition of her final art collection which will curate her life’s story and accomplishments.

She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore Exhibition

In commemoration of the late Pat Bishop, the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with The PALM Foundation hosted a guided tour of her Final Painting Series "SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS BY THE SEASHORE" at the newly restored Castle Killarney (Stollmeyer's Castle)

The showing was a private exhibit called She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore and featured 20 artworks centred on the imagery of the sea. Utilizing blues, whites and golds, Bishop's pieces focused on the ocean, sun, sand and things that one might find on the beach.

Birdsong Vacation Camp 2018

NGC was a proud sponsor of Birdsong’s Vacation Music Camp 2018: Pat Bishop Lives. This was one of the many initiatives to introduce Pat and her genius to citizens of all ages. The Camp has formed a part of NGC’s larger programme to expose new and future generations to the legacy of Pat Bishop and preserve, promote and sustain her invaluable contribution as a national hero.

The Camp curriculum focused on three areas of Pat’s contribution the National Development: Art, Music and Oratory. Specific elements of the camp included:

  1. Participants visited Pat’s ‘She Sells Sea Shells at the Seashore’ exhibition at Stollmeyer’s Castle
  2. Hosted a panel discussion on Pat’s intellectual legacy
  3. Pat’s musical compostions were included in the repertoire of the Camp’s Closing Concert on August 18th at Queen’s Hall

Art Competition

Students have until September 7, 2018 to submit their original artwork that pertains to the theme “She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore at Castle Killarney.”

Only schools that attend the exhibition are eligible to enter the competition.

Pat in Art - Panel Discussion

Following the viewing of the She Sells Sea Shells by the Seashore exhibition, a panel discussion was hosted at Stollmeyer’s Castle by NGC and the PALM Foundation as part of the celebration of Pat Bishop’s hero year. Local artists speak about Pat’s art and what her work symbolizes for us as Trinbagonian people.



The final collection of Pat Bishop’s paintings was done during the last few months of her life. Accordingly, the best way to see Pat’s take on these ideas is to look for the ways she broke the stuff of art down to the fundamentals as a way of moving beyond small improvements, simulacra, and adjustments to the creation of the next new thing/combination.

In this collection, she hoped to advance the cause of visual art practice for those who have eyes to see the significance of this place during her time.