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We create national value from natural gas, and we are a valued partner in the global energy business.

Incorporated in August 1975 by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago as a wholly-owned state enterprise, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) is an energy company whose core business activities are the aggregation, purchase, sale, transmission and distribution of natural gas. NGC is an internationally investment-graded company with the financial flexibility to self-finance or access funding on the local and international markets.

The Company has played a pivotal role in expanding Trinidad and Tobago’s gas-based energy sector and is strategically positioned in the midstream of Trinidad and Tobago’s natural gas value chain. NGC owns, maintains and operates the country’s transmission and distribution gas pipeline network of approximately 1,000 km which comprises both offshore and onshore segments. The network’s installed capacity is currently 4.4 billion standard cubic feet per day (Bscf/d) and supplies power generation firms, global scale petrochemical plants, and a wide range of light manufacturing and commercial enterprises. Consistently profitable, NGC is a significant contributor of taxes and dividends to the national treasury.

Through its investments, strategic partnerships and pioneering gas pricing model, NGC has successfully secured the profitability of the local gas-based energy sector, and catalysed the social, economic and industrial development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Through its subsidiaries and investments, NGC has strong linkages in the downstream and upstream sectors. Today, NGC leads a diversified Group of Companies which is evolving into a global business entity, working to develop a structure that supports its international mission to create exceptional value from natural gas and related energy businesses through valued partnerships and arrangements.

NGC’s Main Subsidiaries Include:

  • National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (National Energy)
  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL)
  • NGC CNG Company Limited (NGC CNG)

A valued player in our nation’s natural gas-based energy sector, NGC, and by extension the NGC Group of Companies, has a proven business model for maximising resources for industrial development and long-term prosperity—a model with applicability far beyond the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.

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