Company Profile

We create national value from natural gas, and we are a valued partner in the global energy business.

As a valued player in our nation’s natural gas-based energy industry, NGC has a proven model of maximising resources for industrial development and long-term prosperity. It’s a winning strategy with applicability far beyond the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) is a key player in the development of the local natural gas industry of Trinidad and Tobago. Established by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, in August 1975, NGC is today an investment grade company. NGC’s international credit ratings are BBB from Standard and Poor’s, Ba1 from Moody’s and AA+ from CariCris. With an asset base of over $US 7 billion, NGC is one of the largest companies in the Caribbean and Latin America measured by assets.

Consistently profitable throughout its existence, NGC is a significant contributor of taxes and dividends to the state’s coffers. Indeed, the Company’s outstanding financial performance has been its source of strength, allowing self-funding of a number of capital projects as well as access to funding on local and international money markets for major capital projects. This robust financial success has been key to its development of energy policy and the promotion and facilitation of Trinidad and Tobago as a premier investment location for businesses interested natural gas-based activities.

From its strategic position in the midstream of the local natural gas value chain, NGC has forged strong linkages both upstream with natural gas producers and downstream with gas consumers.

In 2013, in the downstream sector, NGC acquired a further 39 per cent shareholding in Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) the country’s sole cryogenic gas processing facility at Savonetta. The acquisition took NGC’s equity interest in PPGPL to 90%.

Upstream, NGC acquired Total Trinidad’s marine assets in the Angostura offshore field located off the north-east coast of Trinidad. It is noteworthy that NGC formed a new subsidiary company charged with the responsibility of expanding and promoting the use of CNG as an alternative transportation fuel.

NGC’s traditional business of compressing, purchasing, transporting and selling natural gas to industry provides over 75 per cent of its revenue stream. The gas aggregation and merchandizing roles have honed the Company’s expertise in natural gas services including, pipeline maintenance and construction and gas transmission and commercial activities. NGC’s highly-trained and experienced personnel can deliver world class capital projects on time and in accordance with international standards of excellence.

The Company’s customer base comprises power generation plants located at Cove-Tobago, Point Lisas, Trinity-Couva, Union- La Brea, Penal and Port of Spain; a large group of global-scale petrochemical and iron and steel plants located at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, and a wide range of light manufacturing and commercial enterprises throughout the country. The Company has provided this activity of being the sole natural gas merchant with a high degree of reliability by maintaining a 99 per cent pipeline availability rating for most of its existence. As a diversified group of companies, the NGC Group has invested in 1,000 km of pipeline infrastructure, both on land and offshore, industrial sites, port and marine infrastructure, natural gas and oil production in the offshore fields, Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and shipping.

NGC is based in the world-class Pt. Lisas Industrial Estate, one of the world’s most outstanding modern natural gas success stories.

With a strong sense of responsible care towards its fence-line communities and environments adjoining its natural gas pipeline network and critical facilities, NGC has designed and developed perhaps one of the largest and most extensive corporate social responsibility programmes in the Caribbean. From the smallest village or town to the entire national community, NGC supports a wide variety of fields for the benefit of Trinidad and Tobago. Our support ranges from developing programmes in sport, arts and culture, education, youth empowerment and development and environmental preservation to sponsoring the initiatives of hundreds of non-governmental and community-based organisations.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

NGC Vision Statement

To be positioned as a leading player in the energy value chain delivering sustainable benefits through our people for all stakeholders

NGC Mission Statement

To create exceptional national value from natural gas and energy businesses.

NGC Core Values & Guiding Principles

  • Integrity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Excellence
  • Safety & Environmental Preservation
  • Transparency
  • Customer Focus
  • Good Corporate Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship

Our Credit ratings:

As an investment grade company has access to funding on local and international markets for major capital projects necessary for the growth of the energy industry.
Our credit ratings are as follows:

Standard & Poor’s: BBB
Moody’s: Ba1
CariCris: AA+


The NGC Group Vision, Mission and Values

NGC Group Vision Statement

To be a recognized global leader in the development of sustainable energy-related businesses.

NGC Group Mission Statement

To create exceptional value from natural gas and related energy businesses through our people and strategic partnerships.

NGC Group Core Values & Guiding Principles

  • Integrity
  • Employee Engagement
  • Excellence
  • Safety & Environmental Preservation
  • Transparency
  • Customer Focus
  • Corporate Social Responsibility