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We create national value from natural gas, and we are a valued partner in the global energy business.

The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and its subsidiaries are an integrated group of energy companies committed to delivering maximum value creation for its stakeholders from the natural gas value chain while embracing the energy transition for the long-term sustainability of the energy and petrochemicals sectors.

A profitable and high-performing state enterprise, company NGC’s strategy is rooted in the principles of good governance, safety and environmental preservation, people development, and value optimization. The Company’s ‘Green Agenda’, a key element of its strategy, strives to transform the group of companies from its traditional role as an aggregator of natural gas, to a leader in the energy transition in the Caribbean and beyond. NGC plays a pivotal role in Trinidad and Tobago’s gas-based energy sector and is strategically positioned along the entire natural gas value chain. Through its people, investments, strategic partnerships and pioneering gas pricing model, NGC has secured the profitability of the local gas-based energy sector and catalysed the social and economic development of Trinidad and Tobago for four and a half decades.

NGC Value Chain
NGC Value Chain

With a strong history, financials, asset base and human capital, as well as a determination to respond to the imperatives of a greener global energy landscape, NGC and its subsidiaries represent ideal business partners to guide emerging energy territories through their process of development.

NGC’s business model for optimising natural gas resources for long-term industrial development, prosperity, resilience, and sustainability (The Trinidad Gas Model of Development) has been so successful that it is attracting interest from other emerging gas economies. NGC is now driving global alliances and international cooperation as economies seek support from established energy players to transition to cleaner hydrocarbon fuels and renewables.

NGC is an investment-grade rated entity. Even though its international credit rating is capped and highly correlated with the sovereign rating, the Group has a strong balance sheet, world-class technical expertise and assets, and demonstrable experience in leveraging local talent to create exceptional value for the country using national energy resources. This makes NGC and its subsidiaries attractive business partners, even beyond the investment-grade rating.

Credit Ratings

  • CariCris: AA/stable
  • Standard & Poor’s: BBB-/stable
  • Moody’s: Ba2/positive

With a group asset base of us$5.62 billion and low debt, NGC has the flexibility to self-finance and/or access funding on local and international financial markets.


NGC is focused on leading in sustainability by embedding sustainability values, thinking, and practices in all aspects of its business. From utilising state-of-the-art satellite technology to detect, monitor, and prevent methane emissions in accordance with the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0); to being among the first state-owned enterprise locally to report on its ‘material impacts’ in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI); to the adoption of sustainable business practices to use resources more efficiently; and advocating for, and investing in, education, awareness, and culture change in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation; NGC is committed to advancing sustainable business and societal practices across the Caribbean region.

The NGC Group Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability informs all decisions, strategies and investments at The NGC Group. It is also the overarching goal of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) portfolio, through which it creates value for country beyond its business. CSR at NGC and its subsidiaries is driven not just by goodwill and a sense of civic duty, but an understanding that socioeconomic and environmental health impacts markets, workforce capacity, security and the national investment climate over the long term.

For almost three decades, The NGC Group has been investing in groups, causes and communities across Trinidad and Tobago, with a focus on arts and culture, education, sport, youth empowerment, community development and environmental preservation. The emphasis on building capacity in alternative and creative industries, removing barriers to healthy integration into society, creating opportunities for future livelihoods, preserving elements of national culture and identity and restoring ecological balance ultimately works to build a more sustainable future for Trinidad and Tobago, and a more stable context for business operation.

Among the many successes and areas of investment of the group’s diverse CSR portfolio are:

  • Ongoing support for the preservation of and capacity development in arts and culture;
  • Support of education initiatives at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels, as well as energy education programmes targeting the national community;
  • Support of skills development in track and field through programmes targeting Primary level pupils through young professional athletes;
  • Facilitation of vocational and life skills training for young people in underserved communities;
  • Investments in support of health, safety and socially disadvantaged groups; and
  • Investments, partnerships and projects aimed at building sustainable communities.

Given the centrality of good corporate citizenship to business success in today’s market environment, The Group’s value proposition to potential business partners includes its expertise in the conceptualisation and administration of CSR projects.

NGC Green Agenda

The NGC Group embraces its role as a change agent in the Caribbean energy space with boldness and passion, and intends to lead systemic change to support global sustainability and initiatives fulfilling the green energy agenda. The Group has leveraged its position at the forefront of Trinidad and Tobago’s energy sector to influence change in the country’s energy mix as it manages the energy transition.
NGC and its subsidiaries are focused on: the mitigation of methane and carbon dioxide emissions through carbon capture and sequestration; investment in renewable energy projects; promotion of CNG as an alternative motor fuel; energy education; energy efficiency; advocacy; research; and sustainable development.


NGC’s journey to transform its business model from a natural gas aggregator to striving to become a leader in the regional energy transition is underpinned by the talent and potential of its employees. Its over 600 highly qualified, trained, and experienced employees who embody workplace values such as accountability, agility, health and wellbeing, and diversity have allowed the company to consistently deliver world-class projects on time, within budget, and within sustainability performance targets that meet and even surpass international standards.

The NGC Group is a diversified global conglomerate of over 30 companies that support its mission to create exceptional value from natural gas and related energy businesses through its people and strategic partnerships. NGC’s core business is the aggregation, purchase, sale, transportation, and distribution of natural gas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Other areas of business include (non-operated) joint venture oil production; marketing and trading of energy commodities; portfolio investments; technical services; engineering; procurement and construction services and activities in the sustainable energy space, including renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and investments.

NGC owns, maintains, and operates most of Trinidad and Tobago’s gas pipeline network of approximately 1,000 km, both offshore and onshore. The capacity of the network is 4.4 billion standard cubic feet per day (Bcf/d), supplying power generation, world-scale petrochemical plants, and a wide range of non-petrochemical light manufacturing, industrial and commercial enterprises.

Consistently profitable, the Group is a significant contributor to the national treasury of Trinidad and Tobago through the payment of dividends and taxes to its shareholder.

NGC’s Main Subsidiaries Include:

  • National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (National Energy)
  • Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL)
  • NGC Green Company Limited (NGC Green)

A valued player in our nation’s natural gas-based energy sector, NGC, and by extension the NGC Group of Companies, has a proven business model for maximising resources for industrial development, long-term prosperity and now sustainability—a model with applicability far beyond the shores of Trinidad and Tobago.


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