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Facilitating Growth in the Light Industrial Commercial Sector (LIC)

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The Light Industrial Commercial (LIC) sector comprises a range of commercial, manufacturing, food and transport industries, producing goods for both domestic and foreign distribution. These include bottles, building materials, asphalt products, industrial gases, bakery goods, alcoholic beverages and paper/tissue products, among many others. NGC’s approximately 110 customers in the LIC sector consume an average of 8,000 mmbtu per day, or 1.2% of NGC’s supply. Although a relatively small gas consumer, the LIC sector is extremely valuable to the economy – as a generator of foreign exchange, and employer of approximately 15000 people.

The LIC and Other Industries Division at NGC has been rebranded as the Manufacturing Industries and Energy Efficiency Division. This Division will be responsible for:

  1. Managing and developing the relationship between NGC and its non-petrochemical customers
  2. Strategically expanding the LIC sector
  3. Driving continuous improvement in energy efficiency in the LIC Sector.

Objectives of NGC’s LIC outreach

  • National Interest: Contribute to the development of the sector
  • Customer Service: Develop and manage business relationships to improve customer satisfaction
  • Marketing: Design and implement marketing plans to attract new customers while ensuring sustainability
  • Negotiation: Negotiate commercial terms and conditions for gas supply
  • Contract Administration: Manage adherence to terms and conditions
  • Research and Development: Facilitate implementation of new and emerging uses for natural gas

Benefits of using natural gas in the LIC sector

  • Cheaper than other fuels:
    • LPG
    • Electricity
    • Diesel
  • CNG (as transport fuel)
    • Cheaper than Super Gasoline
    • Cheaper than Premium Gasoline
  • Produces quick heating and high temperatures
  • Facilitates precise temperature control
  • Provides uniform temperature distribution
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Most environmentally-friendly fuel



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Do you want to apply for an LIC natural gas connection, ask an LIC-related question, or make a query concerning your existing LIC connection? Then you’ll need an Microsoft account to access the LIC Portal. If you don’t already have a Microsoft account


01. Create an account

You will need to remember the email address and password that you used to create the account (the email address that you use can be your work email address).


02. Register

Once the account is created, please fill out and submit the form below in order to request access to the LIC Portal. You will need to enter the same email address you used in Step 1. An NGC representative will then review your request and let you know if it has been approved.


03. Login

Once approved, you can then click on the button below to log into the LIC Portal using your Microsoft account.

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