Above-ground Installations

Beachfield Operations

Beachfield is the focal point of transmission lines that branch outwards to various locations in the country’s vast pipeline corridors. The slug catcher at Beachfield is a major centralized natural gas and condensate processing facility with a design throughput capacity of 3 bcf, and production capacity of 5,000 barrels of condensate. It is supported by microprocessor/PLC controls and control rooms, standby AC electrical power, condensate handling, measurement and pumping equipment.

The Beachfield gas and condensate processing operations make up a complex system due to the equipment, systems and processes used. In addition, the commingling of gas from different sources and the tie-ins and modifications necessary to facilitate integration, bypass and separation add to the complexity of the system.

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Beachfield Launcher Station

As its name implies, NGC uses this station to launch pigs from Beachfield in the 24, 30 and 36-inch departing transmission pipelines. All three pipelines are interconnected at this facility and operators have the flexibility to divert gas flow from one pipeline to another. On average, 1 Bcf of gas from the bpTT Beachfield slug catcher is received at this facility. The 48-inch gas outlet line from the new BUD slug catcher is also connected here.

The Abyssinia 30-inch Slug Catcher

This facility forms part of the NGC 30-inch pipeline system and has a design capacity of 600 mmscf/d and a liquids handling capacity of 1,750 barrels per day.

Galeota 24-inch Slug Catcher

This slug catcher is part of NGC’s 24-inch diameter pipeline system. The facility has a design capacity of 450 mmscf/d and can process 1,500 barrels per day of condensate. With the start-up of the Beachfield slug catcher, this Galeota facility is now in standby/bypass mode.

30-inch Mayaro Regulator Station

The 30-inch Mayaro regulator station controls the pressure between the offshore section of the 30 -inch pipeline and the land-based section. This is a safety feature to prevent the 57 km land segment of the 30- inch pipeline from being subjected to pressures higher than 1020 psi.

The Phoenix Park Valve Station

The Phoenix Park Valve Station (PPVS), located at Savonetta adjacent to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, is owned and operated by NGC.

It is a highly critical facility in NGC’s pipeline system as it serves to remove liquids from the gas flow before it is transported to Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) via a 48-inch diameter pipeline. PPGPL removes the heavier gases and the dry (residue) gas is then returned to the PPVS. From there, the dry (residue) gas is distributed to NGC’s customers in Point Lisas and across the country.

Gas from various sources is blended together at NGC’s Beachfield Central Launcher Station, located at Abyssinia. There is also a 24-inch-diameter onshore pipeline, which enters the Central Launcher Station and brings gas from the BPTT slug catcher. Gas is then transported to PPVS via three pipelines (30-inch, 36-ich, and 24-inch/20-inch diameter).

The PPVS facility serves to remove liquid (inclusive of steady state liquids, pig-induced liquid slugs and/or “swept” liquid slugs) from the gas flow, and route the gas to Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) via a 48-inch-diameter pipeline. The PPVS also receives dry (residue) gas from PPGL via a “blending manifold” at Phoenix Park Intermediate Station (PPIS). The PPIS facilitates the distribution of gas to the end users at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, and to the electric power generation plants in Port of Spain, California and Penal, among other commercial customers.

In the event that PPGPL cannot meet the demand of NGC’s customers, there is the option to bypass this plant and to flow on “wet gas bypass” directly to the end users. In the latter scenario, adequate contingency measures are employed to ensure obligations for supply to customers are met.

Tobago Natural Gas Receiving Facility

NGC’s onshore Gas Receiving Facility in Tobago is located at Cove Eco Estate and Business Park, adjacent to the T&TEC Power Plant.
It was designed to operate with two independent processing trains each with a capacity of 100mmscf/d and a metering system for measuring the gas volumes sold. At present only one processing train has been installed and therefore the facility’s current processing capacity is 100mmscf/d.

This facility has many safety and environmentally- friendly features. For example, it boasts of a ground flare, the first of its kind in the country. There is, therefore, no visible or open flame smoke emanating from the flare. This feature is consistent with Tobago’s theme of “Clean, Green and Serene.” In addition, all condensate removed from the gas stream is stabilized, collected and safely stored in two tanks equipped with bund walls to prevent leakage of the contents into the environment. Another safety feature is its sophisticated Programmable Logic Control (PLC) system which will monitor and control in real time all process operations at the facility.

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