Health, Safety, Security and Environment

We are committed to protecting our people and the environment. How we operate and work to involve communities close to our operations is deeply rooted in our business philosophy.

Highlights of our HSSE policy

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health & Safety Management Principle

Our vision is to maximise business value in harmony with sustainability. The goal remains achieving World Class Health Safety Environmental and Security (HSES) Performance, that is, zero unsafe behaviours, supported by a culture of HSES innovation. We aim to accomplish this intent by displaying Ownership, Responsibility, Accountability and Respect.

Safe Systems of Work

A system of work is a set of procedures according to which work must be carried out. Safe systems of work are required where hazards cannot be eliminated, and some risk still exists.

This means a regular review of the systems of work to ensure that they still reduce or minimise risk and revise as necessary. NGC continues to advance its safe work systems beyond legal compliance to ensure that we continually refine our work procedures against best practice, actively search for threats in our tasks, report all non-conformances, monitor and execute continuous improvement.


NGC collaborates with external stakeholders both in private and public sectors, advocating for HSES matters relevant to the industry, and to maintain a synergistic relationship with regulators.

Collaborators include: AMCHAM, PLEA, Energy Chamber, TTEMAS, Energy Sector Security Initiative.

Process Safety and Asset Integrity

Process Safety

Process Safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes handling hazardous substances by applying good design principles, engineering, and operating practices.

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As a leader in the local energy sector it is our duty to manage our operations by the most reliable set of global standards for Process Safety. Coupled with our intention to be this country`s benchmark for operational excellence and to become an outstanding international player in the global energy landscape, NGC is commitment to manifest safely first is unshakable.

NGC currently processes natural gas in the order of 1.4 bcf/ day. This output demands that we make an unconditional guarantee to our stakeholders of ZERO dangerous occurrences in this industry. We continue to develop our risk-based process safety management system to achieve this target.

Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity is a characteristic that describes the ability of an asset to function within its integrity operating window in a manner that safeguards life and the environment.

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NGC`s Asset Integrity Management  (AIM) framework forms a major part of our commitment to operational excellence through a risk-based Process Safety Management platform. The framework defines the components of NGC`s asset integrity management system applicable thorough the asset life cycle – new projects, operating assets and plant commissioning. It considers that processing natural gas as an inherently risky operation and NGC must produce in a way not to cause injury to people or damage to the environment.


NGC has an integrated Environment, Health and Safety Management System. The Company’s environmental goal is “zero environmental footprint”.

The EHS goal will be achieved through the involvement of our stakeholders, who are our evaluators.

We will set challenging goals and objectives well beyond any legal requirements focusing on being best in class. Performance will be continually benchmarked against the industry.

Environmental Objectives


Anticipate and reduce any emissions to air, water and land


Prevent and/or minimise the generation and impacts of waste


Use energy efficiently


Develop environmentally improved products


Comply with Trinidad and Tobago’s Environmental Management Act and environmental regulations

Environmental Initiatives

Reforestation Programme

Carbon Footprint Study

CNG Initiative

Energy Conservation

NGC ECO-Phoenix Environmental Club

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Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) protection is our priority.