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NGC expanded its natural gas pipeline network by constructing a pipeline and related facilities to the Union Industrial Estate (UIE).

Its purpose is to supply natural gas to present and future customers like Trinidad Generation Unlimited’s (TGU) power generation plant as well as to industrial and commercial customers on UIE and Lake Asphalt and other customers on the La Brea Industrial Estate.

This initiative is to encourage the development of a light industrial sector to bring more jobs to the South West peninsula of Trinidad.

Construction began in 2009; was completed in March 2011 and commissioned on 21st April, 2011

Gas pressures and flow:

  •  Natural gas is supplied by the Cross Island Pipeline (CIP ) 56” pipeline at 800 psig and flows into the UIE inlet station where the pressure is reduced to 420 psig for delivering into the 16” network for supplying NGC’s downstream customers
  • The facility is designed to flow 220 mmscfd

The pipeline system comprises:

  • 3.2km of 24” diameter pipeline originating from a 24” valve on the 56 “ CIP   at Pablito Trace near Grant Trace, Rousillac. This segment of line runs westwards parallel to CIP before turning northwards to run for:
  • 2km to the metering facility at UIE
  • within UIE  a 16” diameter distribution line runs from the metering facility to the TGU power plant
  • 8” diameter High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) pipeline to supply gas to small customers on the La Brea Industrial Estate
  • A Gas Metering station  at UIE  with facilities for condensate removal, to control the flow of gas and to measure its pressure, temperature and volume
  • this facility comprises  two automated control rooms, a slug catcher( which removes liquids from the gas), separators, meters, pigs , pig launchers and condensate storage tanks

The 24 and 16” pipelines were constructed using 40’ lengths of pipe that were welded together, buried underground and hydro-tested.

40‘ HDPE lengths of pipe were fusion bonded together to construct the HDPE 8” diameter pipeline to the La Brea Industrial Estate.

HDPE pipelines are strong, flexible and perfectly safe and have been used in other locations along NGC’s distribution system. An example is the pipeline to TRACMAC in Biljah Road Industrial Estate.

Horizontal Directional drilling was used to install the segment of pipeline at the La Brea roundabout to avoid disrupting movement on the heavily trafficked roadway. HDDs are also used in fragile environments such as under beaches, across highways, under swamps etc. With the use of HDDs the pipeline is pulled through a pre- made underground tunnel and out the other side thereby not disturbing the surface above.