Hasely Crawford: 1976 Fastest Man Alive




Hasely Crawford, T.C., was born on 16th August, 1950, in San Fernando. In the schoolyard at San Fernando Boys’ Government School and in his neighborhood, he discovered his gift for running, emerging victorious against everyone who raced against him.

He pursued secondary and post-secondary education at ASJA Boys College and the renowned San Fernando Technical Institute. At the latter, he earned qualifications to be accepted as a special apprentice by the Texaco Oil Company.

Throughout these years, his running career gained momentum. In 1970, he placed fifth at the Central American and Caribbean Games and third at the Commonwealth Games. His talent soon earned him an athletics scholarship to Eastern Michigan University in the United States.


Olympic Champion

In 1976, Hasely won the gold medal in the men’s 100-metre race at the Montreal Olympics, thereby earning Trinidad and Tobago’s first Olympic gold medal. Hasely Crawford remained Trinidad and Tobago’s lone Olympic gold medallist for 36 years.


No hero in Trinidad and Tobago had ever been accorded greater adulation than Hasely Crawford, the man who won the country’s first Olympic gold medal.

In tribute, Crawford received the most unique laurel of all when the country sang, jumped and danced to five calypsoes composed in his honour.

Crawfie, Crawfie
Then they say they never see that yet:
Time to finish, moving like a jet.
Champion, Montreal, gold medal

Gold, Gold
The fastest human in the whole wide world
Gold – the man bring gold
The fastest human in the whole wide world

Gold by Maestro

Like a bullet,
Take off like a jet,
Flash of lightning, he keep moving;
People bawling, everybody glad:
Is gold for Trinidad.

Hasely Crawford by Sparrow

Who make we squeal as kept at the goal?
Hasely Crawford is the man.
Who made me feel right on the top of the world?
Hasely Crawford is the man.
J’ouvert morning, I want you to jump as ou mad,
Show him that you glad.
So give him the keys to the whole
Of the land.
Hasely Crawford is the people man.

Hasely Crawford by Kitchener

Trinidad, Trinidad
Believe me we more than glad
That you sent Hasely Crawford
To the twenty first Olympiad
I was there and I saw
And I heard how the thousands roar
When the pistol burst
It was Hasely Crawford running down first

Hasely Crawford by Striker

And if yuh hear we singing,
Yes, Hasely Crawford yuh is we idol.
Oh lord yuh really show them
Yuh potential
What a living example,
To run for your people
Bringing home a heavy gold medal
Ah hear the Uncle Sam
Want to claim we man
Saying dey a know,
He’s a born Trinidadian.

Hasely Crawford by Brother Mudada

Hasely Crawford with his trophies


Hasely has won several accolades, the most prestigious being the nation’s highest award, the Trinity Cross in 1976 and Trinidad and Tobago’s Athlete of the Millennium in 2000. In 1996, Trinidad and Tobago’s National Stadium was officially renamed the Hasely Crawford Stadium.


As Head, Community Relations, at The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC), Hasely has ensured that a number of national sporting, training and cultural programmes have been successfully executed. He was instrumental in the conceptualization of NGC’s ‘Right on Track Programme’, used to teach the fundamentals of track and field to young people throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This programme was later introduced in Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica.

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