NGC’s Beachfield Operations

NGC’s Operations at the Beachfield Installation.

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The BUD Slug catcher

Construction of the BUD slug catcher began in March 2004. It was commissioned and put into service in 2006 at a cost of US$46.1 million, inclusive of land pipeline.

The new BUD slug catcher is the centrepiece of all the facilities located at Beachfield, dwarfing its predecessor, the Abyssinia Accumulator station by a factor of five. This major centralized natural gas and condensate processing facility has a design capacity of 3 bcf, and was constructed to process supplies from NGC’s 24-, 30- and 36-inch pipelines in one location, and handle 5,000 barrels of condensate.

Built above ground, unlike the older slug catcher which was built below ground, and by that time working below capacity, the BUD slug catcher is supported by microprocessor/PLC controls and control rooms, standby AC electrical power, condensate handling, measurement and pumping equipment.

56-inch-diameter Pipeline

Monitoring and maintenance operations are undertaken for the 56-inch-diameter Cross-Island pipeline facilities, which transport gas from LNG shippers, such as BP, Shell and NGC for the Atlantic Train IV in Point Fortin. Gas from the 56″ line also supplies the Union Industrial Estate via the Union Above-Ground Facility. The pipeline has a design capacity of 2.4Bcf at an inlet pressure of 950psi, but with compression, its capacity can increase to as much as 3Bcf.