Welcome to NGC’s Vendor Management Portal

NGC has digitally transformed its vendor relationship to bring automated solutions to the entire supply chain. To achieve this, NGC has implemented SAP Ariba which seeks to digitise the procurement process enabling greater vendor collaboration and efficiencies for both NGC and all its vendors.

What you get by enrolling

Get a number of improvements when you enrol in our SAP Ariba
e-procurement system

Improved Sourcing

Rationalising and identifying sourcing opportunities to drive costs down

Improved Procurement

Utilising catalogues of materials and services and enabling supplier self-service of content

Improved Automation

Simplifying and digitising the procure to pay process

Improved Supplier Management

Manage the supplier life cycle from risk identification to performance management

Key benefits to NGC Vendors

Efficiency in transacting business

  • Electronic transmission of information
  • Minimal chances of error or delay

Faster Pay Cycles

  • Reduction in administrative tasks
  • Improved payment visibility

Environmentally Friendly

  • Paperless transactions
  • Reduction in waste
  • Positive impact on the environment

How it works

Process for Pre-qualification and Registration of Contractors or Suppliers

The registration and pre-qualification processes are intended to register/pre-qualify a competent cadre of Suppliers capable of providing goods or services in categories specific to The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (NGC) and its subsidiaries (National Energy, PPGPL and NGC CNG).

There are two phases to pre-qualification


Suppliers are required to create their company’s account and upload the following:

  • General statutory/regulatory documents (Company registration, B.I.R, V.A.T etc.)
  • Financial Documents (Banking details)
  • Legal Status
  • Insurance Data

Upon review and approval, a system generated notification is sent to the Supplier to inform them of their registration status.


Upon successful completion and approval of the registration phase, Suppliers are required to make a payment as instructed in subsequent correspondence and upload the payment receipt to access the qualification phase via a link which will be sent to the Supplier.

Suppliers are required to complete the pre-qualification questionnaire in its entirety and upload supporting documentation to corroborate information provided.


Qualification will be based on meeting the minimum requirements in the following criteria:

  • Work Experience
  • Personnel Resource
  • Financial Capability
  • Equipment & Assets
  • Health, Safety and Environment (where applicable)
  • Industry Background (where applicable)

Effective 2018 October, NGC pre-qualification process has been automated with the implementation of SAP Ariba Solution. Suppliers are now required to login to the online system to create their company account and request registration. When this is completed and approved, access to the qualification phase is required for completion of the pre-qualification questionnaire and upload of supporting documentation specific to the good/service being offered.

Introduction to the procurement portal

How to register as a vendor

How to participate in a tender

Features of SAP Ariba

Online Vendor Registration and Pre-qualification

E-Tendering – Electronic transmission and receipt of tender documentation

Reverse Auctions for specific goods and services

Contracts Management including queries and clarifications

Vendor Performance

Ready to Get Started?

Additional Resources

Slides from the 2021 Vendor Forum

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Help and Support

If you have any questions about the Vendor Management system, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

If a Supplier did not see the public pre-qualification advertisement and is desirous of applying for pre-qualification, what should they do?

Send in a company profile via prequalification@ngc.co.tt and NGC would assess it for applicability prior to making an invitation decision.

If a foreign/local company meets with company representatives as part of conferences etc. and its services are likely to be used, how can the company become registered?

The company will be asked to send in their company’s profile via prequalification@ngc.co.tt and NGC would action accordingly.

If the Supplier is a Sole Trader/Professional/Minor/Micro Supplier, what is the minimum requirement for the financial criteria?

A Statement of Affairs and a Bank Reference Letter (last six (6) month average balance information to be included).

Is a Supplier required to pre-qualify only once for all services it offers?

No. An application is required for each service the Supplier is desirous of offering the NGC Group of Companies as the evaluation criteria may differ.

If a Supplier does not know the Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Risk Level for the service their company provides, what assistance is available?

The Supplier can contact the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Chamber for guidance. It should be noted that S.T.O.W certification is a mandatory requirement for Suppliers desirous of providing high-risk services to the NGC Group of Companies.

When are site visits completed for pre-qualification?

Site Visits are a mandatory requirement for new Suppliers seeking pre-qualification for high-risk services in the mega, major and medium work sizes. Additionally, the NGC Group of Companies reserve the right to conduct site visits anytime during the pre-qualification evaluation process to corroborate information provided by the Supplier.