A great nation is
one that honours
the service of its heroes

Launched in 2017, the NGC National Heroes Project is an initiative to recognise and preserve the legacies of achievers and national contributors for future generations.

What is it

The NGC National Heroes Project seeks to recognise the broadest range of human endeavour, with criteria being outstanding national or international achievement in the fields of arts and culture, sport, business, agriculture, community and social work, education, environment and energy.

The project involves the curation of the lives of our indigenous heroes, chronicled and preserved in several forms and from which we can produce biographies, exhibitions, videos and publications. The legacies of these individuals will live on and be filtered into our schools and libraries so that future generations will have access to our heroes’ stories.

The Objective

The project’s main objective is to provide opportunities for the national public to reflect on the contributions made by these selected nationals to the development of Trinidad and Tobago, and to ensure that our people are knowledgeable of these contributions.

of outstanding
national and international achievement

Our Definition of a National Hero




A national hero is someone who represents all of us and has made significant positive contributions to the growth and development of our society.

Meet the Honourees


Patricia Allison Bishop

The late Dr. Patricia ‘Pat’ Bishop was recognised under the 2018 NGC National Heroes Project.

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Hasely Crawford

In 2017, Hasely Crawford, TC, and Trinidad and Tobago’s first-ever Olympic gold medallist, was chosen as the first honouree under the NGC National Heroes Project.

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